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The Offside Trust is receiving overwhelming support.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped the Offside Trust so far, in particular, these incredible companies and the team behind them who have kindly assisted us with the following:

Website: I-COM https://www.i-com.net

Videos: Tunafish Media https://tunafishmedia.co.uk

Branding: SDX Creative http://www.sdxcreative.com

Serviced Office: Orega http://www.orega.com

From international footballers and boxing world champions to junior netball teams and amateur golfers – we call on all governing bodies, professional clubs, players and fans to support us:

Messages of Support

“Their bravery has opened up a very dark secret in football. They need the support of professional footballers and a simple message on social media could be enough to help.”

Geoff Thomas, ex- England footballer

"I’m proud to support fellow ex pros showing great courage in speaking up. Please support The Offside Trust."

Jay Rodriguez, Southampton & England footballer

"Please follow @OffsideTrust to show your support for the bravery of the abused and to make sure our children will be safe in the future"

Dave Edwards, Wolves & Wales footballer

“I gladly support an initiative like this. Please get following the @OffsideTrust.”

Ashton Sims, Warrington Wolves, rugby league player

“Please follow @OffsideTrust and help them in any way you can.”

David Morrissey, Actor

“Unbelievably brave of Chris Unsworth and others to come forward about the appalling abuse in football. Please show support for the Offside Trust.”

Ralf Little, Actor

“Please support the Offside Trust in their quest to protect children.”

Nesdi Jones, Singer

“Stevenage FC would like to fully show its support to the Offside Trust. Safeguarding every child is of the utmost importance.”

Stevenage FC

“Please support my old team mate Steve Walters and the Offside Trust. Let's protect our children from abuse.”

Andrew Cole, ex-Newcastle, Man Utd, Blackburn and England

“I have followed the @OffsideTrust and am very much in support”

Casey Stoney MBE, Liverpool Ladies and England Footballer

“I support the work of the Offside Trust and hope you will too.”

Ronnie O'Sullivan‏, Snooker

"Please support the @OffsideTrust #OffsideTrust!"

Robbie Savage, ex-Crewe, Leicester, Birmingham, Blackburn, Derby and Wales

“Please support the Offside Trust.”

Charlie Adam, Stoke City & Scotland

“Please support the Offside Trust. Incredible strength from all.”

Jordan Pickford, Sunderland & England

“No child should ever have to go through what these went through. Please support the Offside Trust. ”

Lewis Cook, AFC Bournemouth & England

We need more people to help us spread the word of ensuring the highest levels of safeguarding exist at all sporting levels and to eliminate the stigma of abuse – so please speak out. Tweet your support and join the Offside Trust on social media.